Wednesday, June 23, 2010

U.S. Air Force torture planes

Targeted Individuals - The U.S. Air Force torture planes operating on domestic soil
A targeted individual that the government is trying to silence and/or discredit is often tortured daily through the silent & invisible overexposure to highly targeted electromagnetic radiation (EMR), sometimes described as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in addition to various psychological warfare tactics. The U.S. Air Force has planes of torture they deploy for this very purpose on domestic soil. Using technology which may be similar to ground-penetrating RADAR, or utilizing more deadly X-RAY, the "torture signal" can be precisely targeted on an individuals body anywhere inside their home (or other relatively confined space) and used over an extended period of time as a method of torture and murder. Later in this article I will describe in detail the array of planes that I have often observed either flying directly over my home at very low altitude or in what appears to be a holding pattern directly above and surrounding my home in both Arizona and California.

When my saga began over 4 years ago while living in Concord, California I noticed the sound of jet plane engines in what appeared to be extended holding patterns above my home. This started occuring on a daily basis and progressed to transpire whenever I left or entered my home and constantly throughout the day and night. I initially thought it was some type of sound harassment tool but after years have come to the conclusion that these planes may be used to overload and constantly expose a targeted individual to invisible, yet deadly, doses of electromagnetic radiation. There were no physical effects initially but over time, as my body became sensitized to the constant overexposure, I started to have sharp pains in my heart region along with the sensation of pressure. Also, a gulping sensation in my heart region was a common effect. Although less frequent, I also noticed a metallic taste in my mouth. I would have become concerned about a natural health issue except these sensations were only experienced when I was relatively stationary and in a confined space. Only occuring while at my home (with my wife and 3 young children present) or office. Otherwise the symptoms were generally non-existant.

A targeted individual has essentially been declared an "enemy of the State" and as such is harassed by our military (including the U.S. Air Force), federal & local law enforcement and the various community "helpers" they each deploy during this type of harassment & terrorism campaign. If this sounds crazy to you, as it initially did to me when I found myself explaining these occurences to my wife, you may want to do a little research into MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. These types of abuses by our government are well documented and have been occuring to US citizens for decades. The amazing part to me is that this type of government sponsored terrorism can continue in modern day America, with impunity for the perpetrators whom are nothing more than State-sanctioned executioners.

The following are detailed descriptions of the various planes, which I believe to be U.S. Air Force, that fly directly over my home whenever I enter or leave and appear to be in extended holding patterns above and around my home throughout the day and night.1. Passenger style jet planes: all white with no visible markings anywhere (California); white with dark blue underside of fuselage (except wings) and no visible markings elsewhere (Arizona). 2. Small propeller aircraft: all white except 2 white stars centered inside blue circles, 1 on each wing positioned closest to the body on the underside of the aircraft (Arizona); all white with blue tips on underside of the wings (Arizona); all white with a red stripe on the underside near the tip of each wing (Arizona); white, dual-propeller, with blue stripe running horizontally along fuselage (Arizona).3. Helicopters: dark blue with Sheriff (Arizona); all black (Arizona).

During and very shortly after these planes fly by my home is typically when the most intense Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) torture seems to occur (while my 3 very young and still developing children are present). Whatever the source of these attacks, it is an absolute abuse of police power that allows it to continue. Being orchestrated and perpetrated with approval by the highest ranks of our military, including the U.S. Air Force, and federal law enforcement community.

To learn more about this horrific abuse of power and terrorism being perpetrated against myself and countless other targeted individuals throughout the country, please visit my website at


  1. I feel for you. It stinks to be targeted. They attack you 247 w/every method at their disposal. Then they turn targets against eachother by making us all believe we're disinfo agents. I am attacked 247 w/threats, hotspots, pain in groin, everything. It's sickening that anyone could do this. Theywant me dead cause I'm monarch and have proof.

    1. Hi, I have been targed too!! See my post on this site that I added here today and follow me on the web addresses I listed or call me to network!! 480-786-8883 Pheonix, Az!!

    2. I know of another person who says they were Involuntary put in this "sick" monarch program! She call me and her husband is in active A.A. now, in Germany for USA A.A., her name is Joyce Fletch...hope you 2 can get a normal life some day..wish god and the good Aliens would NOW INTERVIEN!! TAKE AWAY THE EVIL CORRUPT PERPS!

  2. Dear "John Doe"!!
    Can you please contact me ASAP?? The same is happening to me! Only, it has been happening to me for 10plus years!! See my story on YouTube: Kris Durschmidt: An American being tortured on American Soil by the American Government!....I am on me there and others who wish to network and stop this sick crap and murder, they should get the same as other murders, only this is worse, they have all the money and power and we have none! Yes, they have done much worse than everything you listed to me: Air Assault on 24/7 basis for 10plus years, gang stalking, got me fired from 8 jobs till I cannot get work, put me on the Federal Exclusion List and sprayed me down routinly with BioFare Chemicals: 1 form of Morgellon's..see Morgellons exposed web site..they used it in Vietnam and more!! Deadly man made mold, self replicates, is alive and puts out long fibers, I am taking the Morgellon's is not a cure, but keeps me alive, they have sprayed it everywhere! Glad I learned in time how to stay alive! Keep Alakaline!..I am on too, but I don't feel they have been getting very far or doing anything, when he has been getting V2K for 30 years! I keep networking and hope to get laws to stop this sick torture and murder attempts and our premature deaths!! This is worse than Hitler or Natzi's ever here! I am from a family that SAVED them, my brother invented the most advanced technology while at Boeing and other Military Contract places and they got him to commit suicide, this is how they treat the greatest servers and inventers for the USA!!! I am filing my 3rd lawsuit to the US Supreme Court, now! How could they DISMISS my 2 previous lawsuits??? This is sicker and more murder than anything on earth!! Call soon, all who want to network and STOP THIS TORTURE AND MURDER!! 480-786-8883
    Yes, all of the above has been happening to me, too!! call day or night..I am usually home and can talk after midnight, Phoenix, Az. time!!!

  3. Dear "John Doe"
    I tried to contact you by your email icon on this site and it would not let me do it. I am not sure if the govern. is stopping it or because I am at a ASU Law Library Right would not let me send to a generic email...please send me a private email if you wish:

  4. Here is my YouTube true, horrible story: